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Tableau adds Maps and Web Application Integration

Last week I was wishing we could integrate Tableau interactive reports into our own web applications, and today I got an e-mail that appeared to be granting my wish. Tableau 4.0 was just released, and it includes the ability to integrate interactive reports into web applications.

They’ve also added maps to their feature-list–and the ability to auto-detect geographic data in a dataset and produce a geo-analytic report. What’s interesting about their maps is they don’t just use standard map backgrounds like Google Maps. They specifically created map backgrounds that won’t interfere with the view of the data–because these maps are for analysis, not navigation. I like how they keep their purpose first and foremost and tend to the needs of the user.

The other thing I was pleased with was they included four tabs of info about their new release–and one of them is labeled “usability”. It’s clear from looking at their solutions that the company pays a lot of attention to usability, but it’s always nice to see “Usability” called out as a key component of a software release.

What about licensing? The same pricing model applies, so each user of the application you integrate Tableau with has to be a licensed user of Tableau. Sigh. The salesperson says in the next version they’re planning more fully integrated applications … unfortunately, I don’t think we can wait that long … darn it! Why did they have to tease me like that?


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