Seventh Generation Let me Down

I was reading a blog entry on Treehugger this morning, ignoring the banner ads as most people do, when somehow an ad caught my eye. It does happen once in a blue moon! This one was for Seventh Generation, and it intrigued me because it was different than most ads that are trying to sell you something. The message on this one was “support ingredient transparency by creating your own ingredient tree”. Hmmm, I thought, what’s an ingredient tree? and I clicked on it.

The Ad that Got me to Click:

The Landing Page:

I landed on a page that was completely blank except for a copyright blurb and a link to their privacy policy.  There’s nothing to click (except the privacy policy, which I’m not terribly interested in reading), nothing to do, nothing to enter, no information at all! It’s a complete nothing page!

How much do you suppose they spent on that ad? How much did they spend testing the landing page? I’m guessing they spent a lot more on the ad than on the QA process. They couldn’t possibly have INTENDED the user to go to a completely blank page, could they?

Come on, Seventh Generation, I expected better things from you!


3 Responses to “Seventh Generation Let me Down”

  1. 1 Sue September 16, 2008 at 10:25 am

    Thanks for trying to visit our new site, Show What’s Inside. I am sorry that you had trouble logging in and I believe that I know what happened. We launched the site yesterday and there were unexpected bugs that are being actively worked on. We believe that when you were loading the page it was under maintaince for prior reported problems. I would like to invite you to please try again at and tell us about your experience. You should be able to see all that this site has to offer and we hope you share this with all your connections……….We all deserve to know what is inside…..Best, Sue Holden

  2. 2 Seventh Generation September 16, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    Dear Ann,

    Thanks for your comments. While we put the site through a full battery of usability tests before we launched, we were equally dismayed to see bugs pop up after more users began hitting the site.
    We have been working to correct the issues today, and hope you will give us another try.
    The Team at Seventh Generation

  3. 3 krauseann September 16, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    I’ve tried again a few different times with the same response. BTW, the correct URL is in case you want to see the blankness for yourself.

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