Offering extra service to your Online customers: Domino’s Delivers!

If you’re a store that normally does business by phone or face-to-face, offering a little extra something for your online customers is a great way to encourage and stimulate that channel of business. One area where there’s definitely room to take advantage of the online channel is pizza delivery.

I must be a total dinosaur because I just, for the first time, tried ordering Domino’s pizza online. (Actually, I’m really into saving the earth and eating our own homegrown food, so ordering or eating out is a rarety for us.) The kids and I were really excited to encounter the “pizza tracker”–once you’ve placed your order, a “pizza tracker” appears, showing the five stages of pizza preparation and delivery, and what stage your pizza is in. What an great idea –this is a fantastic example of “delivering” a little extra to your online customers!

As the pizza progresses through the process, the stage it’s in pulsates in red (sort of like a hot pizza oven). So I could tell at a glance when the pizza was being prepared, baked, boxed, and finally delivered. When the pizza guy drove up, I was ready for him. I had the tip all ready, the table cleared and set, and the daughter well on her way into her homework (except she kept getting distracted by that cool pizza tracker thing).

Domino’s does a great job gathering feedback from this channel as well. Just below the pizza tracker is a “rate our service”–a survey, but it’s so easy to fill out, it doesn’t feel like a survey. Since I kept the site open throughout the entire delivery process, it was still open after we’d finished eating, and as I went to close it, I was drawn to fill out the “how did we do?” portion of the site by clicking on the stars. They add some great personal touches by giving the names of the delivery person and the cook as you’re clicking on stars to “rate” them, then you can add a personal note (or not) and send it off. I’ve got to say, I will never order pizza by phone again! This online experience was waaaaaay too fun.

If you’re a multi-channel store, what are you doing to keep your online customers engaged? What little extra are you doing that keeps them coming back?


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