Where have I been?

I took a moment to look at my blog and realized that it’s been since March that I posted anything–and here it is May already. Wow. I can’t believe I neglected my blog that long! But then considering what was going on in our lives, it makes sense. We’ve moved into a new home and not had even a moment for anything extraneous. Things are finally starting to slow down a bit, but still our garage is full of boxes and there are so many things that need setting up. Still we can cook, we can find our clothes, and we can take a shower, so life has almost resumed a sense of normalcy. It’s still crazy, but then soccer season always is …

I’ve also not done much with usability lately other than arguing with my boss and a couple of the engineers about how things should be implemented. Why is it so hard to get the usability message across to some people, while others just seem to “get it”? I hate the arguing and want to find a more productive way to communicate. 

MoraeThat’s, I guess, where Morae would really come in handy. I’ve asked for it, but am still waiting on it. The thing that makes Morae so very handy is the fact that you can capture video, screen, and voice, and really show the engineers what the user experience is like.  I had it at my previous job and just wish I could have brought it with me!

Some reviews of Morae, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it:


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