The Story of Stuff

It all started with a trip to the iRise blog to read about Made to Stick, which was very intriguing and made me want to write about usability and stickiness all over again, but I took a side trip to the Made to Stick blog which led me to the Story of Stuff. It’s such an impactful video, I’ve got to say, it’s changed my whole way of looking at life. Talk about usability done well! The simple, stick-people graphics in this video combined with the passion and common sense of Annie Leonard are so incredibly well-done. They even split the video up into chapters so you can watch the whole thing, or you can skip to or re-watch portions of it. And at the end of the video, they provide a link to what you can do–a clear call to action. They did everything right, and it’s a good thing because this is a message that needs to be heard.

I e-mailed it to all of my friends and made a mental note to write it up on my blog and everywhere I went I started challenging the way I was doing it. I ran across another blog entry this morning about Water Bottle Guilt (with entertaining diagram!), which reminded me I GOTTA blog about this!

We detoxed our home a couple years ago, switching all our cleaning products, personal care products, etc. to Melaleuca. I’ve been sharing the “get-rid-of-toxins” message with people ever since then. But now when I go to the coffee shop, I order my coffee in a washable mug, rather than a throwaway cup. (And next time I need it to go, I’m gonna bring along my own travel mug to put it in!) My friend had given me a reusable shopping bag over Christmas, but I kept forgetting to use it, until I saw The Story of Stuff. I’m finally refusing to use plastic bags at grocery stores–either I bring my own bags (I got lots of “love your bags!” comments when I used my bright green “Live Green” bags yesterday at the store!) or I just carry my items. “Don’t you want a bag?” they ask. No, I don’t. I am against using them, against our whole consumption-oriented society. It’s insane how much waste we generate every day, and we all need to take steps to stop it and create a sustainable system that won’t destroy our earth. I’ve also decided that when we go to the convenience store for fountain pop, I’m gonna reuse the cups we bought last week. I’m not buying the plastic bottled pop anymore. These are just some little steps I’m taking.

My daughter and I are going to get together and brainstorm some more ways we can help save our planet together. She’s really excited–and so am I!

Where’s your journey to helping sustain the earth going to take you? I hope you will start by watching the Story of Stuff.

(By the way, I did notice sometimes that the Story of Stuff web site has trouble loading. I think it’s getting a lot of traffic. If it doesn’t work the first time you visit, reload the page and try again. It’s well worth it!)


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