Excellent, simple, intuitive interface

No, it’s not a web site–it’s driving directions–or rather, a red line, projected directly onto the windshield of a car. Frank on VerySpatial posted this about Virtual Cable, and it is so incredibly simple, it makes you wonder why nobody ever thought of it before.  As described, it doesn’t sound very usable, but when you see it, you intuitively understand.

Virtual Cable

Frank referred to an article on Engadget about it.

Yesterday, Virtual Cable had some videos up on their web site showing how it works, but they’ve disabled them for the time being. I recommend checking back there. It’s really slick!

Now, the big question I have is where are they getting the navigation data? Will it have the same problems as the outdated map on my Nissan Quest GPS system? I can just imagine the frustration I’d feel if the red line tried to take me across a chasm where there used to be a road (before the earthquake).

Or will it be updated in real-time, more like Dash? The two together would be very powerful, indeed. Wouldn’t you like your red cable to route you around traffic? Or tell you where the nearest coffee shop is?


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